Why Do Thai Girls Marry Australians?

Why Do Thai Girls Marry Australians?

We’re all aware that there are a lot more chances for Aussies and Thais to meet and fall in love.

Everyones travelling a hell of a lot more than they ever used to, and the internet age has spawned countless ways of getting in touch with people from around the world. Internet dating, online chat rooms, skype, webcams – it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to meet, keep in touch, and communicate.

It’s also a sad fact that many more Australians are getting divorced, or experiencing a family breakup that can lead to heartbreak and financial ruin. This can sometime happen later in life, as hushband or wife get bored, the kids are grown up, and there seems little else to be attracted to.

Thoughts of facing retirement on your own can be depressing and lonliness can begin to creep into your life, no matter how loving and large your family circle and friends are.

Lets’s face it, no one wants to be alone, lonely and single for the rest of their lives. And sometimes the older you get, the more ‘invisible’ you become, in our youth dominated, beauty obsessed culture. If you are no longer young, handsome, and rich you can sometimes be put on the shelf.

And that’s where countries like Thailand come in.

No one can escape the fact that Thai women have a bit of a ‘reputation’. Whether it’s as Thai ‘brides’ or bargirls, the reality is that many of Thailand’s women are involved in the more ‘romantic’ side of life, and whether they are looking for an income or a husband, it’s a position many Aussie men are willing to overlook, for love.

Many of the Aussie men I’ve met in Tahiland could be described as anything other than someone looking for love. they are genuinly caring and compassionate guys who are looking for companionship, love and a genuine relationship with a Thai lady. Sometimes these guys get lucky and fall head over heels in love with a lovely thai lady who loves them back, honestly and openly, they apply for an Australian partner visa, go back to Australia and live happily ever after. Other times these guys get screwed over and left heartbroken and penniless by young Thai vixens who are doing nothing more than playing a game. It’s a situation that leads many to ask, jsut why do Thai women marry Australians? Are they jsut after their money? is it true love? Or is there more involved?

Monetary & Financial Concerns

Often times money and personal gain can be at the root of these ill-fated Thai-Aussie relationships.

The Thai girl might be so poor, and have so few options, that she will do anything because she wants your financial support or so that she can get a visato Australia. These girls will often be found working in the bars, and in the red-light industry in one way or another.  Some will try and soften the blow by claiming that they are new to the industry, perhaps having only worked for just one week or two, or that they are merely cashiers.

Don’t be fooled by these ladies, for they are very adept at playing games and pulling your heart strings to get what they want. (Which is usually a regular sponsor willing to send her money every month, in return for certain favours when you’re in Thailand).

Many of these women would prefer a rich Thai husband, or at least a rich Asian man to marry, but those are far more difficult for her to find due to her economic and educational background. Often she will be from a rural, peasant background with minimal schooling, and her options are very limited. She might will probably have darker skin, and may or may not already have a failed relationships and childrend behind her. Love will be secondary to her. Providing for her family will be her main goal and she will do everything she can to maintain this.

She might introduce you to her ‘brother’ or some other family member, who she will hold hands with, sleep with, trvel with. This could well be her no-good Thai boyfriend, who likes to spend you hard earned cash on Thai whiskey and cigarettes.

She will probably lie to you about needing money for this or that. Things get stolen with fantastic frequency and she’ll need expensive replacements. People and perhaps animals (you’ve heard the sick buffalo line, right?) will get sick and need treatment, which you will pay for. She will have no concern for the emotional turmoil that this puts you through, even as she looks you in the eye and says that her mama has cancer (when she doesn’t).

Lies come easily to this kind of girl, and you’re always going to be a walking ATM to her. Until you stop paying for her, you’re never going to know just how deep her feelings are for you. But, more often than not, with this type of girl, as soon as the money dries up, so does her love.

 She’s Looking For A Better Life

Slightly higher educated girls might marry an Australian, because they want a nice life. Or because she wants to live in Australia. Very often Thais do not want to leave Thailand, this is their culture, their home and their family bonds are very important to them). So to meet a Thai girl who actually wants to leave Thailand is usually much rarer than the girl who does not. This Thai girl  might not want to support a Thai boyfriend, and she craves a much more equal relationship. She has a somewhat westernized view of the world, and perhaps she has had the the opportunity to travel a bit outside of Thailand.

She may even have met her Australian man while travelling outside of Thailand. Perhaps while studying, or working overseas.

The chances of this type of relationship working is much higher than the average bar-girl Australian relationship. She might marry an Australian but she won’t constantly ask him for money. She will probably be  fairly strong and independent and is looking for something different. This type of girl might just want a nice life and not necessarily your money. She may have had bad experiences with Thai love interests in the past and is more keen to get together with an Australian (foreigner) because it is difficult for a divorced Thai girl to find a second husband. In Thailand marrying a virgin is  considered the norm which might make things even harder for a divorcee. this girl will be much more conservative than the Thai bar-girl, in her dress, actions, and what behaviours she deems appropriate and right. the chances of this relationship or marriage of working are much, much higher than with a bar-girl. If you are lucky enough to meet a thai girl like this who is interested in you, you can considere yourself to be a very lucky man!

She’s Smart

This Thai girl has had a very good education and has a career.Thai men do not like being together with a girl that is more capable than them in general. In Thai culture, such an occurrence might cause the guy to lose confidence and feel insecure, and thus loose face.Thai women also don’t want a boyfriend that they have to treat like a brother or subordinate. They would far prefer a man who is there to lead and guide them, or who treats them like an equal.As such, many of these contemporary Thai career women seek older or more mature foreigners with higher positions or who own businesses.

These are some of the reasons quoted but definitely do not encompass all that there is to this topic. The most important thing to remember is that in a relationship, trust and understanding are the most vital aspects, before you even begin thinking about marriage to a Thai girl get to know her.


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