Which Australian Visa?

Which Australian Visa?

If you are Australian and your partner or girlfriend is Thai and you are unsure about which visa to apply for her – then the chances are you are going to have to do a bit of homework. As each relationship is unique, so too is each visa application, therefore choosing the right visa for her is very important. The visa process can be long and frustrating, and expensive too, so getting it right the first time is paramount.

Tourist, Fiancee Or Spouse Visa?

There’s a lot of false information circling around on the Internet, and there are also unscrupulous agents out there too – so it’s not always easy to make the decision to part with thousands of dollars without knowing more about the level of service they provide.

  • How do you know what you are paying for?
  • Will the hours they put into the application guarantee success?
  • Will your girlfriend’s visa be granted?

Unfortunately the answers to those questions are not straightforward.

No one can guarantee the success of the visa, as this is a decision that only Australian authorities can make. So you are pretty much left to your own devices, which can be a tricky place to be, wondering which visa, how to go about it, and if it will be successful. Reputable Immigration Lawyers and Australian Migration Agents in Thailand can make the process easy, but they won’t be the cheapest option…

The Australian Visa Process

Many other people have been in your position and they agree that it can be very difficult to navigate through all the questions, and to make all the decisions, as well as file all the paperwork that is involved in an application of this sort.

You could opt for the Tourist Visa option which would allow your girlfriend a single visit for three months. The validity of this Visa application usually lasts for three to twelve months also depending on the rules stipulated by the terms and conditions of your Thai girlfriend’s passport.

From a Tourist Visa, you could eventually opt for better and more longer-term visa applications, especially once you have a more settled relationship with her.

Remember though that with a Tourist Visa, your girlfriend would be allowed recreational travel and vacations with you in Australia but not work or employment. She is not able to enrol at school or get a diploma, certification or degree. So you have to prove that you can support her during her stay.

So then you may start thinking about the Fiancé visa or Spouse Visa as a better option. At least then she could work or study, right…?

But the the Fiancé and Spouse Visas must include proof that you and your Thai girlfriend have actually met in person. You must show supporting documentation that is lengthy and personal including:

  • pictures,
  • phone records,
  • several copies of your passport with Thai stamps,
  • as well and other relevant documents that must be shown at the embassy.

The bottom line is that you must prove that you have a really valid, genuine and ongoing relationship with your Thai girlfriend to get this kind of visa.

How Long To Get The Visa?

The whole process of getting a Fianee or Spouse Visa could take you about four to eight months  and once the requirements are completed, your Thai girlfriend could be called in for an interview. This will further prove that she has a relationship with you. But, if the Australian Embassy suspects that your Thai girlfriend is actually part of a human trafficking scheme or involved in prostitution, or she is suspected of having worked in a bar, she may also be denied entry into Australia.

By now you may be thinking that if you have a long-term relationship with a Thai lady and you want to prove it a genuine relationship that you should tie the knot. You may have come to the conclusion that actually having a legal marriage in Australia with your Thai girlfriend is the best way to go in terms of proving your relationship. But unfortunately this is not the case, and it is not as simple a matter as merely marrying your Thai sweetheart.

A marriage certificate alone does not prove a relationship…


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