The Primary Applicant

Who Is The Primary Applicant?

For any Australian visa the main visa applicant is known as the primary applicant. This is because many Australian visas allow for the inclusion of additional applicants to be included on the one visa application form.  Usually they are the immediate family members of the primary applicant, such as a husband, wife or children for example. The type of visa will provide for who can also be included in the visa application.

So who Are Secondary Applicants?

Additional applicants are referred to as the secondary applicants to the primary applicant’s visa application.

In order the get a visa the primary applicant must satisfy all of the primary criteria relative to the Australian visa they are applying for, much of which is found in the Migration Regulations. In some cases the criteria must be satisfied at different times, such as when the application is lodged or when a decision is made on the application. Examples of this are:

  • An Australian partner visa application,
  • A marriage or de-facto,
  • Or a prospective marriage visa application (commonly referred to as an Australian fiancé visa).

Visa Application Criteria

There are certain criteria that must be satisfied at the time of lodging, and criteria that must be satisfied at a time a decision is made on the visa application. It is very important that the criteria be satisfied at the relevant time or the visa must be refused. Some visas refusals are reviewable, whereas others are not. It is essential that any potential visa applicant is aware of all of the criteria that must be satisfied.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to present a valid and complete application to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). If the primary visa applicant’s application is refused, then all secondary applicants will have their application refused too. Secondary applicants also have their own criteria which must be satisfied too, and again this can be at time of lodging the application and at the time a decision is made on the application.


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