The Death Of The Old Thai

Traditional Thais

Traditional Thais are very realistic and industrious. Community spirit is pretty evident since people tend to help each other to get by every day.  Not all traditional Thai share the same attributes because some are still close minded enough to shun away anything that is modern and continue to embrace anything that is old – these are the ‘archetypal conventional Thai.’

Traditional Thais do not necessarily live in the provinces of the country.  Being long-established goes beyond district, socio economic class, education attainment and even skin color.

Whatever happens in the modern world, whatever challenges that these people might face is not enough to delve away from traditional, old fashioned values in which they grew up in.  Traditional Thais, even though being mildly educated, inarticulate and sometimes unaware of what is going on beyond their vicinity are held on a very high pedestal because of their many admirable qualities from being very hard working, loyal and honest.   Everything boils down to their honor and integrity which are the most essential aspect to every traditional Thai.

Thai Culture

Such groups of Thais are socially conservative but not bordering to being an elitist.  True archetypal conventional Thais are never hedonistic, but they are rather very generous and kind.  These people are the opposite of self promoters because to them doing the right thing while continuously improving is the way of how things work.

It can be attested that these people can be likened to precious relics coming from a bygone golden era who the tour guide can talk about and the tourists simply want to meet.  Yes, traditional Thais are still existent.

 Traditional Thai Women

There are accounts telling of youthful Thai ladies entering the red district in the event that their husband tragically passed without leaving anything for survival.  You would think that this is the normal step to take but it really isn’t.  A traditional Thai girlfriend would not do this unthinkable act.  As mentioned earlier honor is everything so if the unfortunate event happens, these women will work through hours end to provide for their family which is not an easy option at all.

Archetypal conventional Thais are not really that outgoing especially when they converse with tourists.  They often measure you up first before you earn their trust.  They are very careful on who they get implicated with.  They believe that the people who are close to them are mere reflections of themselves.

Thailand is rapidly changing and everything that is traditional is quickly becoming history.  New generations of Thais are more liberated.  They are now meshed with the ways of the Western and other Asian cultures that they are on the verge of turning their backs completely on the habitual ways of their ancestors.

And as this country continues to progress and with other material things becoming more essential than the core values learned so are the extinction of the archetypal conventional Thai…  which really is a shame!


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