Thai Girlfriend

How to get my Thai Girlfriend Back to Australia

If you have a Thai girlfriend, partner or wife, and you’re thinking about taking her back to Australia to live with you, you may be wondering how to do it;  just what is the process involved, and is it easy, or expensive to do? You might be wondering how you can get her back to Australia as quickly as possible, and whether she will like leaving her family and friends in Thailand behind for a new life in Australia with you. Is it fair to take her out of the only environments she knows (yet perhaps a situation where she is immersed in hardship and poverty) and expose her in a culture that is totally different. Will she be able to integrate? Will she make new friends? Will she get homesick?

It’s normal to have such questions when embarking on a relationship with someone from a different culture, and contemplating taking her to a different country. Of course you want her to come home with you, to visit your friends and family. And it’s natural to want to spend as much time with her as you can. But your schedule might not afford you frequent holidays, or months that you can spend in Thailand. In this case, then, it seems obvious that your first choice is going to be getting a visa for her and bringing her back to Australia, as quickly as possible. But getting a visa for your Thai girlfriend might not be a straight forward, quick, process.

Visas for Thai Nationals

Because she is Thai, and therefore considered to come from a ‘high-risk’ country by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC), the visa process is a somewhat stringent routine. She will be required to fill out documents and submit thorough paperwork and ‘evidence’ that she is a genuine visitor and that you are willing and more importantly, able, to support her. Depending on which type of visa she applies for, she will be subjected to various health screenings and interviews, there will be translations, and visits to the local Amphur office. There may be further complications, such as she has a child from a previous relationship, or is still married. She might be working in the bar industry, or, has no job to speak of.

The Visa Process

Getting a visa is not just about filling out a form, and telling DIAC that you love her and want to marry her. It’s simply not enough. In fact, you can tell DIAC just about anything that you think they will want to hear, but it won’t get you a visa. Getting a visa is a process of building up your case. Proving to DIAC, rather than just telling the decision maker what your intentions are, and evidencing everything with thorough proof and documentation.

The team here at Australian Visa Thai Girlfriend are experts are getting Thai nationals visas for Australia, because we are experienced and qualified in Australian Immigration Law, and we are knowledgeable about Thailand.

Being based in Thailand means we have expert knowledge of the Thai ‘side’ of it, and have access to translators and offices here to make the process easier for your Thai girlfriend. We can use the Thai EMS postal system to collect her passport and other documentation or paperwork that sis required, plus we can advise her (in Thai) how she needs to go about getting medicals done. This gives us a great advantage over onshore (Australian) immigration lawyers and migration agents, and it means that we can keep our costs down, mean lower professional fees for you.

We have literally submitted hundreds of Australian visa applications for Thai nationals, so we can walk both you and your Thai girlfriend through the process simply and easily. We can advise you what is needed, and can help to fill in the gaps:

  • Does she have a full-time, long term job?
  • Will her job be open to her when she returns to Thailand?
  • Does she have children in Thailand?
  • Does she have any assets, such as ownership of a house or land in Thailand?
  • Has she travelled outside of  Thailand before?
  • Does she have an existing visa overstay, deportation or visa refusal from any country?
  • Do you have the adequate proof and documentation to show a genuine relationship, and that you have known each other over an extended period of time?

We offer a no hassle, low cost, professional visa service, and with our professional advice and expertise your Thai girlfriend, partner or spouse will submit all the necessary documents in making the processing of her Australian visa application much easier.

For just the cost of our professional fees (no hidden fees or extra costs) we will ensure that the process runs smoothly meaning no hassle for you, and getting her back to you in Australia as quickly as possible. Contact us today, using the form below,  and see how we can assist you.

Should I marry my Thai girlfriend to get her an Australian visa?

This question come up again and again. Our answer is always, NO.

If you Thai girlfriend doesn’t qualify for a tourist visa, then being your wife will not automatically qualify her for a partner or spouse visa.

Should I deposit money in her back account to show she has savings?

Again NO. Don’t put money into her account just to try and prove that she has savings, and can support her self in Australia. If she has no job how can she explain why she has several thousand Baht in her account, unless it was gained by untoward means? She has to demonstrate that she has strong enough ties at home, and a strong incentive NOT to work whilst visiting Australia, and putting money into her bank account in Thailand shows the exact opposite.