Thai Bar Girls and Australians

Thai Bar Girls and Australians

Many Australian men fall head over heels in love with Thai bar girls. For some Aussies the story is NOT going to end well no matter what they do, or how ‘loving’ their intention is. True love is often difficult to find in a go go and a bad marriage to a money-hungry bar girl more often than not leads to a considerable loss of money, a web of lies, and a broken heart. (Yours, not hers).

Stories of men who have lost everything; their investments, their retirement savings, the kid’s inheritance are all over the internet. Some got out quickly after being burned. Some sold up everything in Australia to make a new life in Thailand, only to lose it all.

What’s amazing is not that this happens, but that in nearly all instances the Australian man has already been warned by friends, or has read warnings online or in books from Thailand regulars. The information is out there, but for some reason these men chose to ignore it, or insist that their Thai girlfriend is different.

Are you one of these guys who is unable to prevent himself from getting drawn in deeply by the charms and the lies of these bar girl? Is it because of their perfect feminine forms, or their dark doe eyes? Is the exotic allure and promise of more intimate relationships and love? Or is it just that these girls are such damn good liars and actresses, and they play their game so well, that no man could resist?


I guess the only person who will ever know truly why he got drawn into the drama, is himself, but it’s a shame that so many end tragically, and always too late.

Is your Thai girl different?

Despite the overwhelming evidence and various warnings to steer clear of relationships with Thai bar girls, why do so many of these men still dive in with their eyes closed to all the warning signs? Many of them tell themselves that their girl is different. She’s not like the other bar girls. She’s new to the scene or she’s just  a cashie so she’s not involved in the seedier side of the industry. Shes a ‘good’ girl.

If you recognize these words, or have ‘thought’ these thoughts, let me whisper some words of advice into your ear…

She is never different. She is a BAR GIRL. That’s her job.

Ask yourself some simple questions. Would you behave the same way in your home country? Would you get into a relationship with a prostitute in Australia and give her several thousand dollars each month? Would you look the other way when she is out sleeping with another man during one of her usual working nights? Would you try to rescue her from poverty? Marry her, and turn you into her wife?

The answer to all of them, is probably no, right?

It’s one thing to have fun with Thai bar girls. To hang out, have a few drinks, take one home. But you have to remember that at the end of the day, her job is to sleep with clients, that is, men just like you. You are a meal ticket mate. An income stream that supports her family, and probably her Thai husband or boyfriend. (You’ve probably already met him, remember that guy who was introduced to you as her brother…?)

You can tell yourself a million times that she’s different, that you’re different, and that the relationship you share is different… but the only person your deluding is yourself. And if you insist on marrying her, you are asking for whatever consequences that will follow.

Did you meet in a bar, or in a bar area in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket?

Does your she talk on the phone in private, reject your calls, or not pick up sometimes? She might be hiding something if she is.

Does your girlfriend have tattoos? Good Thai girls generally don’t have tattoos. Although it is far more popular with the younger generation these days, such things are still something you should watch out for.

Does your girlfriend have many bar-girls as pals? Girls from similar trades tend to flock together – so be very wary if this is happening.

In general, just try to use some common sense. If you met in a bar, then the chances are….

So, should you avoid bar girls?

No, that’s not what we’re saying. Have your fun, partake of their services, just DON’T marry them!

Listen to your common sense when you’re in Thailand, especially if you’re in Thailand for the first time. Things are different here than they are back home, and outpourings of love and affection might not be all that they seem. Human nature remains the same though, and greed remains a powerful motivating force. Heed the advice of others who have committed the same mistakes before and don’t gamble your savings, heart or sanity on the chance that you Thai bar-girl lover wife MIGHT NOT be different.

If you’re looking for a loving wife avoid the bar girls, and avoid making the mistake of a bad marriage.

A high number of Australians are murdered or supposidly ‘commit suicide’ in places like Pattaya and Patong every year. In many of these cases, the cause of the murder or  ‘suicide’ is a Thai bar girl looking to inherit a considerable sum of money, or a house. With the victim already dead we’ll never know the complete truth behind many of these headlines but it’s not difficult to guess, and coverups and lies are common place. Finding a wife in a bar is a bad mistake that unfortunately, many Australian men make, and falling head over heels in love with a Thai bargirl can make you lose your sense of reason. It’s easy to see so many beautiful women in Thailand, and getting their attention is easy – you won’t be the first to become infatuated by their charms, but try to think with your head instead of your…

And if you do get into a relationship with a bar girl despite all the warnings, don’t ignore the red flags.

If you’re telling yourself that, “She’s different. This is Thailand. This is how things are here,” you’re already under their spell. Deluding yourself in this way usually indicates the first step in the chain of mistakes, and there will be more to follow. Often, your intuition might say, “Is it supposed to be like this. Why is she always secretive or disappearing? Why does she talk with so many other men? Why does she need all this money, and where does it go?” Don’t ignore this voice, and try to think your way out of it and instead of thinking to yourself, “This is Thailand, it’s not like Australia. Everything is different here so this is probably normal”. Try thinking, would I accept this behaviour at home? Would I put up with lies? Would I accept anything less than real and honest love?

If you’re looking for a good, loving realationship or marriage there are plenty of decent and educated girls, so avoid the bar girls and the headaches that come along with them. Are you in danger from you Thai girlfriend?


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