Should I Marry My Thai Girlfriend?

Should I Marry My Thai Girlfriend?

My Thai girlfriend and I are currently in Australia. We have decided to get married. Does that mean she can now apply for a permanent visa?

There are two separate and distinct issues here. If your Thai girlfriend is in Australia on a tourist visa and you both want to get married, then you certainly can. There is absolutely no condition attached to an Australian tourist visa that prevents the holder from marrying whilst in Australia. Whether or not she can then apply for an onshore partner visa based on marriage will depend upon whether she has the no further stay condition attached to her current tourist visa. If she does, then she will be prevented from making any application for another visa whilst she is in Australia. Her only option would be to return to Thailand and lodge an offshore partner visa application.

If however your girlfriend’s tourist visa does not have the no further stay condition attached she would be allowed to make an onshore partner visa application without having to return to Thailand. Of course at this stage she would be your wife and not your girlfriend.

Note however, that this information is confined to whether your Thai girlfriend can marry you whilst she is in Australia, and if she can lodge an onshore partner visa application for permanent residency.

Regardless of where the partner visa application is made the applicant must satisfy all of the primary criteria for the successful grant of the partner visa. You too would have to meet all sponsorship requirements.

Getting Married

Getting married solely to obtain a partner visa for Thai girlfriend is against the law, as you would have entered into the relationship solely for her to get Australian permanent residency. All partner visa applications are thoroughly scrutinised to ensure that the relationship is genuine and continuing.


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