Should I put money in my Thai Girlfriend’s account?

Giving Your Thai Girlfriend Money

How much money should my Thai girlfriend have in her bank account to get an Australian tourist visa? Should I deposit money into her bank account to help her get the visa?

So you want to get a visa for Thai girlfriend and take her to Australia, but she doesn’t have any savings, and she doesn’t earn an income from a ‘legitimate’ job.

Any visitor to Australia must have ‘adequate funds’ or access to ‘adequate funds’ for the purpose and duration of their proposed visit to Australia. Note that the requirement includes access to funds. This means that the funds can be provided by another person. This leads to the question:

How Much Is ‘Adequate’ Funds?

Well, that depends upon what your Thai girlfriends activities in Australia will be.

If she is intending to travel around Australia for six months, then staying in 5 star hotels and, then she would obviously need more funds than if she was staying with you for 4 weeks and you were providing the accommodation. Ultimately what amounts to adequate funds comes down to the duration and purpose of the proposed stay.

This now leads to the next point and the real question here…

Should you deposit funds into your Thai girlfriend’s account to help her get the visa? The short answer to this is no.This isn’t to say that you can’t give your her money, that is completely a matter for yourself, but depositing money into her bank account to solely make the impression that she has adequate funds is a big mistake and may in fact result in her visa being refused.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) decision maker may take the view that the funds have been deposited solely for the purpose of satisfying the adequate funds criteria. Especially in the case where large amounts have recently been deposited and the applicants doesn’t have a regular savings history or a regular job.

DIAC policy states that, “in high risk areas, such as Thailand, recently deposit funds, where there is no evidence of savings history, or reasonable explanation, should be viewed as being deposited solely to satisfy the adequate funds criteria.”

Therefore there is a big risk that depositing funds to satisfy the adequate funds criteria may result in your girlfriend’s visa being refused!

If you have known your Thai girlfriend for a period of time, generally not less than six months, then it would be far more advisable to include with her tourist visa application a letter of support that includes how long you have known her, the support you are prepared to offer her (financial, accommodation, airfares etc) than to give her money straight up.

Include supporting documentary evidence that evidences that you have known your girlfriend for the period of time stated, and that you also have the ability to provide the support offered. An important note, it is one thing to say that you are going to provide the support, but it is another thing entirely to show that you can. A properly prepared letter of support should be backed up with adequate supporting documentation that clearly shows that you have the ability to provide the stated support.

Finally, although there is no legal obligation for you to provide a letter of support, DIAC would want to at least see that a moral obligation exists for you to provide the support. Therefore you should also include details and supporting evidence that supports how long you have known your girlfriend. If for example you have never met your girlfriend, but only online, then it is likely that DIAC will attached little weight if any at all to your letter of support.

Never however deposit money into her account for the sole purposes of satisfying the adequate funds criteria for a visa application as this may very well result in her visa application being refused.

Thai Girls & Money

Should I deposit any money into my girlfriends account to help her?

That depends on whether you want to be her sponsor… Many people think that if they deposit money into their girlfriend’s bank account, it will help her. Whilst it is up to you whether you want to give your girlfriend money, it should not be undertaken lightly, for you risk going down a one way road who’s only end lies in financial ruin… that would be yours not hers!

For many Thai girls no amount of money is ever enough. They suffer from all kinds of money difficulties including not being able to find work, sick relatives needing treatment, to needing money to pay school fees (even though the last time she saw the inside of a classroom was 10 years ago or more). The question you obviously have to ask yourself is, if your woman is asking for, or even demanding that you give her ridiculous amounts of money, then you need to seriously consider where you relationship is going.

There are countless stories of foreign men paying out vast amounts of money to Thai girls from monthly ‘payments’ to one offs like marriage dowries.

Let’s see if you recognize some of them here :

– She needs to support her family, one of the parents is sick in hospital…

– She wants to open a little business in her village

– She works very hard for a little money (so she can’t take care of you when you are in town)

– She needs a new phone because the old one is broken

– If she had a laptop she could contact you more frequently

– etc ….

If you recognize any of those then beware.

Sending Money

If you still beleive that she is not like the others, and that she genuinely needs the money then send it and be happy. After all, there is nothing ‘bad’ in sending her money provided you can afford it. Want to know how much to send? Read our post on the cost of living in Thailand, and you might be amazed at how little she really needs.


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