Why would my Thai girlfriend be refused a visa to Australia

Why would my Thai girlfriend be refused a visa to Australia?

This is the most common question asked by our Australian clients on a daily basis. Unfortunately every day we are consulting with Thai girlfriend and Australian sponsors that have been refused a tourist or a settlement visa/ fiancee visa.

But My Thai Girlfriend HAS been refused!

The reaction we normally see is one of frustration and anger that their Thai girlfriend has been refused an Australian tourist visa and the anger then turns to disappointment and realisation that applying for an Australian tourist visa is not as simple as they first thought.

For your Thai girlfriend to be refused a tourist visa to Australia is a soul destroying and expensive exercise.

Most Australian visa refusals we see we can say that the correct decision has been made by the immigration officer. When the faults in the visa application are pointed out to the Australian boyfriend and Thai wife they wish that they could turn back time and use a professional visa service.

Thai Girlfriend Australia

For your Thai girlfriend to be refused a tourist visa to Australia is a soul destroying and expensive exercise. In most cases if the visa application had been done correctly giving the evidence that the immigration officer needs then a visa would have been issued first time around.

Applying for an Australian tourist visa or a Settlement visa is full of pitfalls and it is like walking through a minefield blind folded, we do agree that there is information posted on the Internet and there is information on the Australian website but this is normally only 60% of the actual documentation required and they never explain how the application should be presented.

Thai girlfriend refused Australian Visa

Why will my Thai girlfriend be refused an Australian Visa?

There is a very easy and straight forward answer to this problem. When you are making a visa application for your Thai girlfriend to travel to Australia, how is applying for the visa you or your girlfriend. When the visa officer is looking through the visa application whos information is most important yours or hers ?

This is the one thing most men cannot understand, when you are making an application for your Thai girlfriend to travel to Australia it is important for you to remember that it is your Thai girlfriend not you. Some Australian men when making a visa application for their Thai girlfriend give lots of information about how much money they have, how big their house is and there is no mortgage, but you are not applying for a visa, your Thai girlfriend is. When you are showing you have plenty of money, you are not showing you are in a relationship; you are giving every reason why your Thai girlfriend would travel to Australia and not come back.

Your Thai girlfriend will be refused an Australian visa if you make the visa application about you.

Thai Girlfriend Was Refused An Australian Tourist Visa

What can she do? In almost all cases a tourist visa refusal cannot be reviewed. In circumstances where the applicant has an eligible family member who is an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident, then the refusal may be reviewable.

A Letter Of Refusal

If your Thai girlfriend has been refused an Australian tourist visa, then she would have been issued with a letter that states the reasons for the refusal. If she is going to reapply then she would need to ensure that she adequately addresses the reasons for the refusal in her subsequent tourist visa application. Do not just resubmit the same application as that would be a waste of time and money. If the visa is refused the visa application charge is not refundable either.

Tourist Visa Refusals

Of the majority of tourist visa refusals, they are refused simply because the applicant has failed to satisfy the decision maker at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) that their true intention was to visit Australia as a genuine visitor only. Not because they provided false or deliberately misleading information, but simply because they submitted a sub-standard application leaving the DIAC decision maker with no option than to refuse the tourist visa application.

When preparing any Australian visa application and this rule goes equally the same for tourist visa applications, the applicant must present a thoroughly prepared application that satisfies all of the criteria for successful grant of the visa being applied for. This includes all necessary documents and application forms. If any of the criteria is not satisfied, such as the adequate funds criteria for example, then the application will be refused.

The DIAC decision maker can only make a decision based on the information contained in the visa application. If it lacks even basic supporting documentation, then the application will fail. It is also not up to the decision maker to request further information from you. They may do so in some cases, but they are entitled to make a determination on the application lodged.


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