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Now that I am back in Australia and settled with my Thai wife and our beautiful 4 month old son Jacob, I thought I would tell everyone of the high and lows, and up’s and downs, of getting my Thai lady an Australian visa. The visa application process has been a roller coaster at times, but perseverance has paid off.

I will start from the beginning though as she has previously been to Australia on two tourist visas now prior to the partner visa that she is now in Australia on. We have been together for just under four years now, so anyone that tells you that it is not possible, they are wrong.  My Thai wife and my son are now both proud Australian permanent residents.

On holiday in Pattaya

February 2008 I was holidaying in Pattaya with some mates from my local football club. During this time I met Som who was working in a beer bar on second road in Pattaya. I wasn’t in Pattaya looking for love like my mates were, but we hit off and spent 10 days together. I returned to Australia and Som and I kept in contact by email and Skype daily.

Around June 2008 I asked Som if she wanted to visit me in Australia. Som eagerly accepted and I tried to find an Australian visa agent in Pattaya to help with Som’s Australian tourist visa application. Som however said “no pay man I do myself”. Foolishly I let her take control and sent her a copy of my passport and bank statement and let her do the rest. A few weeks later she called me in tears “Australian Government say I no good”. To make a long story short Som’s tourist visa application was refused for a whole host of reasons. Not deterred I searched again for an Australian visa agent in Pattaya and Bangkok too. Eventually found one who took charge and submitted a fresh visa application addressing the reasons for the refusal. By the beginning of August Som had now been granted a three month tourist visa. She arrived in Australia on the 25th of August 2008. Whilst in Australia our relationship grew stronger and we made a commitment that we wanted to be together permanently. We again approached a visa agent in Australia this time, but was told that Som’s tourist visa had the ‘no further stay condition’ attached to it, so she had to return to Thailand to apply for any other visa, and this included a further tourist visa. Well 3 months flew and som returned to Thailand on the 15th of November 2008. We again resumed our daily contact by email and Skype.

Australian migration agent in Pattaya

For the next 12 months I travelled back and forth to Thailand several times as I worked in the mines and worked 2 weeks on, then 10 days off. This worked well for us as I was able to visit Thailand regularly and we only had about 4 weeks or so apart in between. Fast forward to February 2010 and we again applied for a tourist visa but this time for six months. Not wanting to go through the hassles that we had before I engaged the services of an Australian migration agent in Pattaya who professionally prepared and submitted Som’s tourist visa application. Som applied for and was granted a six months single entry visa tourist visa. Som arrived back into Australia on the 3rd of April 2010. We spent the next 6 months together which was wonderful. Again however Som’s visa had the dreaded no further stay condition. We decided to get married in Australia and had a wedding and reception at a local Thai restaurant attended by about 50 family and friends. Foolishly I thought Som could apply for a partner visa in Australia as we were both now legally married to each other – wrong. Nothing however could be further from the truth. As Som’s tourist visa had the no further stay attached to it she had to return to Thailand to apply for an offshore partner visa. There was no getting around this. Well the six months flew and my Thai wife now had to leave me and return to Thailand. She departed Australia on the 29th of September 2010.

Australian temporary partner visa

In January 2011 the coal mine I was working at in Western Australia offered nice redundancies packages to anyone that wanted to accept one due to relocating the mine. I jumped at the chance and decided to head over to Thailand for more than just a holiday. Som and I took a nice condo in Jomtien and everything was perfect. I must admit though, although I like Thailand for a holiday I wasn’t doing so well living there. Som and I took the next step, applying for an Australian partner visa. I engaged the services of the same Australian visa agent in Pattaya, and I am certainly glad I did. The partner visa application process was extensive. Just the amount of supporting documentation that needed to be submitted filled a lever arched folder. In June 2011 Som’s partner visa application was submitted to the Australian Embassy in Bangkok. We were advised at the time that the processing would take between 10 to 12 months. Just to let you know the tourist visa applications took about 10 days, so the wait is lengthy for a partner visa.

A few weeks after submitting it the partner visa, Som was advised by our visa agent in Pattaya that she needed to go to Bangkok to have medical and radiological examinations for her Australian visa and also to apply for a Royal Thai Police clearance certificate. It is during the health examination required for the Australian visa that Som found out she was 2 months pregnant. Our son, Jacob, was born on the 14th of February 2012. He was born prior to a decision being made on Som’s partner visa application. Our Australian visa agent was able to add Jacob to Som’s application as a secondary applicant. We did need to provide yet more supporting documentation but at least he could be included with her application. Our visa agent in Pattaya suggested that as Jacob has an Australian citizen father (me) he could apply and be granted Australian citizen by decent. We will look at this in the near future for sure.

On the 3rd of Mar 2012 Som was granted her Australian temporary partner visa, and Jacob was granted his too. We all flew back to Australia together on the 3rd of June 2012. We were all greeted at the airport by all my family, and Jacob’s Australian grandparents. Happy result.


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