Nostalgia for Australia?

Nostalgia for Australia While Living in Thailand

Since Thailand offers a pretty affordable lifestyle, most foreigners tend to survive here OK.  Most forms of entertainment like movies and books are released simultaneously like those in Australia.  Foods from home can be found in the local supermarkets although they are priced a bit higher. But after a while living in Thailand will make you nostalgic for Australia.  Undoubtedly there will be some things you will miss, even if it’s just a certain food that you really like and can’t get, hanging out with your mates, or being able to watch (and understand) TV.

You will always be aware that you are not Thai, and you are know that will never even truly understand the Thai psyche. You remain Australian. A foreienger in a foreign land. You might your fellow countrymen and realise that you don’t like all of them. You might hear snippets of news from back home, and lament at how the country is going to the dogs.You might even have come to the realisation that you don’t belong in Australia anymore. But still, you might consider going back, just for a while…

When we begin to realize this is it time to back for a reality check? Is living the dream over? Or are we just fed up with surviving…? At what point do we begin to feel even more nostalgic for the life we left behind?

You Will Never Be Thai

It is not about the language barrier. It has nothing to do with how fluent you speak Thai because most locals speak functional English. And it’s not about how you live. It’s about who you are… You’ll find very few Westerners leading the ‘quintessential Thai life’ because most of us want to live in own little Western bubble. This is what we are used to and this is what we like.


Nostalgia is a funny thing though. You can probably remember the first time you switched on the television in Thailand, and wondered, fascinated, what the actors were saying. Now you just think it’s a load of old crap. Or, you can understand enough Thai to realise that it’s not worth watching in the first place. Before you found yourself consuming the local delicacies. Out of curiosity and novilty you tried the bugs, and the fried cockroach. Now you are probably tired of  Thai food, bored of the same flvours propped up heavily with articifial flavours, salt and sugar. and you long for good Western food.

You used to try and converse with your Thai girlfriend, or the locals on the bus, to practise your faltering Thai. Now you know enough to not bother, and you mostly speak English.

You may have chosen to live the simple life.  You ate the food sold on the streets and had few western treats. Now though, you long for Western luxury and you often splurge, just to make yourself feel… happy.

You begin to realize that one day, the lifestyle you have here in Thailand does not differ to how you lived in Australia.  The only difference is that you are existing here. Surviving. Yes, you still live in Thailand, but maybe the shine has worn off. Other than working with the locals and sampling the local women, you are essentially doing entirely the same when you were residing in your home country.

Nostalgia is a funny thing though… just go back to Australia for a while and you’ll see what I mean!


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