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Getting an Australian visa for your Thai girlfriend, partner or spouse to travel to a foreign country can be difficult. Australian visas can be harder than most, and sometimes the process is lengthy and the paperwork required substantial. So is it worth hiring an immigration lawyer or migration agent? Or  should you have a shot at applying for the visa yourself?

John Macmanus weighs up the pros and cons of hiring a migration agent (with some hearty advice) if you are planning on applying for an Australian visa on behalf of your Thai girlfriend, wife or spouse.

Are you applying for a visa for your girlfriend?

Most of the guys I know who fall in love with a Thai girl are genuinely looking for love and a long-lasting relationship. They go to Thailand with open hearts and open minds. I don’t buy the whole ‘sex pat’ stereotype, sure there are some out there that fulfill the stereotype to a tee… But most of the blokes I know are just ordinary blokes, looking for love (or at the very least companionship)  with someone who is pretty and cute and who will accept them for who they are. After all who doesn’t want a pretty girl by their side?

I first came to Thailand seven years ago, and have been here, on and off ever since.

I guess I’ve seen it all over the years, and if I’ve not seen it, I’ve certainly heard it all anyway! Oh the stories. I could write a book.

Some guys have made it here, while others have fallen by the wayside. Some found the love of their lives and have been together, happily, ever since. Others bedded a few too many bar girls, got burned and went home, never to return. Or else they went on to find haunts that were more suited to their tastes…The Philippines or Cambodia are just two other destinations that appeal.

Then there are those who love Thailand so damn much they embrace everything about it, becoming more native than the natives. They claim to hate anything ‘farang’, choosing to embrace Thai culture and customs instead. I wish them luck with that one… it’s not for me! These guys, the ‘Cheap Charlie’s’, live like a local on a measly allowance, in predominantly local areas. I call it struggle street, and would hate an existence like that. I guess it’s horses for courses because at the other end of the spectrum you get those who never accept Thai culture at all. These are the ones you hear, propped up on bar stools, complaining loudly about Thailand and it’s people, about the corruption and hard it is to get anything done. They live it up in Thailand like the hero. They’ree the big man here for a short time – staying in expensive hotels, and renting luxury villas.  Eventually though, the cash runs out and they too end up jaded and burnt out,  and they go home broke with stories their mates back home would never even dream about.

Where do you go after Thailand? What do you do for kicks?

Australia bound

For me and my mates, Thailand is somewhere that we will always come back to. But home is home. We earn our money at home and spent it in Thailand. We work hard, but we make sure we play even harder! I don’t want to live in Thailand, and I do end up being  critical with the place, cause let’s face it, it sure does have it’s problems.

And some of the guys just can’t seem to stay out of trouble…

But for me, once I’d met Lei, I just knew that we had to make Australia our home. As soon as I met her I knew I wanted to take her back. She was really excited to go. I think she was a bit apprehensive too, and she was worried about how expensive everything would be. I guess I figured she’d either love it or hate it.

She’d had a passport before, and she had two previous visa refusals to the UK and to Sweden. I had never done a visa application before, so I wasn’t sure how easy or difficult it was going to be to get her one. I looked for information online, and figured I’d do it myself, how hard could it be?

The thing is I actually did find it quite difficult… I looked at hiring an immigration lawyer in Australia, but mostly couldn’t afford their fees. they charged for phone calls, emails, document translation. It just went on and on.

In Pattaya there were several visa agents offering me a visa service. One offered me a ‘free visa” – I only had to pay if the visa was successful – but the advice of a British mate of mine was to steer clear of these services, as you usually end up having to pay much more in the long run in expensive and unnecessary ‘extras’.

I realized then that you have to do your homework, and that getting your girl to Australia isn’t always as straight forward as you might think at first.

I was lucky then to be introduced to an Australian visa agent from ‘Australian Visa Thai Girlfriend’ .com.

He offered me a great price, with no hidden extras. I struck up a good rapport with him, and found him both knowledgeable, and available to answer my questions. I decided to go for it, and hired him to do Lei’s visa.

Hiring a migration agent

I’m really glad I decided to go with the migration agents from Australian Visa Thai Girlfriend .com.

The service they offered me was gold. For a fraction of the normal fee, they offered me full support by email and phone. I could ask them as many questions as I needed to, and got a fully detailed response back.

These guy didn’t mess me around and are as professional as they come. The service they offered me was top notch, and they gave me thorough advice on my situation. I was able to send them all my documents and get all the Thai translations done which would have cost me a fortune to do back in Australia. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them, and I will use them again further down the track when we go for our spouse visa.

My absolute total advice to you on the question of whether or not to hire an immigration lawyer or migration agent is to go with the guys here Australian Visa Thai Girlfriend.

If you do want to do the visa yourself, do your homework – it can get complicated and you may well need the help of someone who knows Thailand and how to get things done there. I don’t or rather, can’t, recommend some fly-by-night who runs a one man show from Pattaya or Phuket. So, shop around and compare the prices on offer, and find out exactly what the service involves. Are there any hidden fees? Do you have to pay for more things later on down the track?

Finally, if a migration agent you contact makes any outstanding claims at visa success, or guarantees a certain outcome then I would avoid them completely – because no one can guarantee the successful outcome of a visa. So remember if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

So, sign up today to see how these guys can help you with your girlfriend, using the form below, and good luck.