How to Impress Your Thai Girlfriend

How to Impress your Thai Girl

Here’s the scenario:

You’ve managed to get into a correspondence, dating or introduction service with a Thai lady online and she agrees to meet you. It’s your first date in the Land of Smiles.You hope one of many. And maybe one day, the two of you will be walking off together, hand-in-hand, into an Australian sunset.

Dating tips 101

If you would like to take your Thai girlfriend to Australia with you, it is better to be prepared from an early stage. That way you can begin to collect documents and proof of your relationship right from the start. If you’d like more advice on the right Australian visa for your Thai girl, click here.

You have toured the city and seen the sights and you’re excited. Nervous. Anxious to meet an exotic and beautiful woman such as herself.

What’s an Aussie man to do in this situation? What must be done to be ready for a date with a Thai lady?

Be Attentive to Details

Like any date, you must be attentive to the details. Do you look buff? Do you feel “handsome”? Is your personal hygiene in check? Is your suit washed and pressed? Thai women are really cautious in the kind of men they date. They want to go out with someone who would add to their image as a woman – someone who exudes an image of manliness, grace, spunk and personality. They do not want to go out with someone who looks like a dirty old man. Don’ try to be the “dirty old man”.

Remember those first impressions and how they seem to last? Keep those ideas into mind when preparing yourself for that precious first date. At this point, the goal is to create a lasting impression on the Thai girl so that she would be interested into going on a date with you not just once but for several times.

Be Financially Ready

It is custom that when you invite someone on a date, you are expected to pay for the bills, costs and expenses. With this, it takes some planning on where to go out on your date. What’s your budget range? How much are you willing to spend? How far are you willing to go? Where to go? These are the questions to consider.

It is unwise and careless to ask a woman where to go and allow yourself the regret that comes after paying those courses in that five-star restaurant. Given this, it is still considerably gentlemanly to ask for a recommendation from the girl or from a local or a friend for nice places to go out on a date.

Learn Thai language and culture

It is considered thoughtful and impressive by any Thai woman that the foreigner she is dating is well-versed in Thai culture and language. It gives you the distinction of being cultured and sophisticated. Plus points will go to you if you know more than the usual survival or basic Thai phrases. Even more points if you know how to behave with your woman in public.

Remember that Thai communication is deep and indirect, with some terms and expressions with undercurrents of meaning. Same goes with Thai culture. For you to know these peculiarities, do a little research before you go on your Thai trip. If you are in a hurry, the basics are enough as the woman is almost expected to act as your guide through Thailand.

Keep the Interest and Correspondence up

If you are happy with how the date pushed through, this possibly is the best chance for you to propose a friendship that will eventually lead to a long and lasting relationship. Offer correspondence and exchange over a period of time and see if it will work out.

If a Thai woman declines, it is best to respect that decision. If she wants to see you some more, you’re a really lucky man! Congratulations, you have just earned another date with a Thai lady and have opened up the prospect to a long-standing relationship.


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