Good Thai Girls vs’ Bad Thai Girls

Good Thai Girls vs’ Bad Thai Girls

Thai girlfriends can be seen on many an Australian man’s arm these days. But many Aussies are still concerned whether their Thai girlfriend is a genuine lady, or a lady-of-the-night!

As a concerned boyfriend, here are a few things that might indicate that your girlfriend is a bar girl, former bar girl, or has been involved somehow in the bar scene in the past. If you’re wondering if your girlfriend is a good girl, or a naughty girl in disguise, here are some classic signs to look out for, and some to avoid!

How Can I Tell if She’s a Bargirl?

If she walks like a bar girl, talks like a bar girl, chances are she’s a…

One of the most obvious signs is if you met her in a bar. No good Thai girl would go near the bar scene, so no matter what your Thai girlfriend tells you… if you met in a bar, the chances are she’s a bargirl!

She might tell you that things in Bangkok are different from other cities, and it’s true that traditional Thai values are rapidly diminishing, through Westernization, and higher educational levels, but the lines between whether you Thai girlfriend is a good or bad girl are still as strong as ever. (Though they may have blurred a bit). So while it’s true that younger girls might be dressing less conservatively than previous generations, and following fashions from the Korean pop scene, or getting tattoos, good Thai girls are still fairly easy to distinguish.

Thai bar girls

  • An obvious telltale sign that she’s a bar girl is if she is very familiar with one of the red light district areas in Thailand and is able to give you in-depth tours of Patpong, Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. You will probably meet her in one of these areas, along Walking Street in Pattaya or on Bangla Road, in Phuket. She probably isn’t from one of these areas originally, and has more than likely come down  from the Issan region looking for work. Work is hard to come by, and options are limited for poorer, less educated girls, so she might have worked in factories, or in the rice fields in the past, but has gravitated to the bar scene because it pays better and is more fun.

    Good Girls, Bad Girls Can you tell the difference?

  • A bar girl will also have plenty of friends in Pattaya, Patpong or Nana Plaza.
  • A bar girl will be much more comfortable about kissing, holding hands and touching in public. Traditional Thai culture is much more reserved, especially when compared to Western culture. So, holding hands, openly kissing and overt displays of affection in public is not usually a cultural norm. Thais rarely, if ever, show  affection in public.
  • A fairly large percentage of girls that work in the bar industry already have children. So take it as a warning sign if your Thai girlfriend has a child, especially if she is quite young. Older Thai women might have children from past marriages but this isn’t as likely with younger Thai girls. The child will more often than not, live with her parents and family back in Issan. She will get to see the child on holidays back home, usually twice a year.
  • Another sign of a bar girl is if your girlfriend admits to no longer being a virgin. Thai girls who have lost their virginity generally don’t get a dowry and are less appealing for marriage to Thai men. Thai culture is still very conservative when it comes to sex before marriage. Hence, unmarried Thai girls should in theory, still be virgins. This can lead to a kind of ‘social awkwardness’ especially in regards to dating and boyfriends. She is unlikely to take the lead, or be provocative, and she may even seem overtly prim and proper.
  • Good girls lead quite sheltered lives. In fact, it’s still fairly common for good girls to live with her parents until the days she does get married. Her parents probably exert a very tight control on what she can and can’t do, and so her behaviour will be quite repressed. She will not be out, on her own after dark, and she won’g be going on dates! Dating a good girl can be a long and slow process and at least in the beginning, may even involve a chaperone!
  • Good Thai girls won’t drink (much) alcohol, if any at all.
  • Good Thai girls don’t talk much about money, so watch out if your girlfriend seems very money-minded and even obsessed about it. Money hungry girls are often bargirls or women who have worked in the sex industry in the past. A girl in Bangkok can easily live on 10,000 baht a month, so those who are not satisfied with that amount and want more often resort to more extreme measures, especially if she has no other skills or education. Girls in this mould often end up in the red light industry because the dividends are high and the pickings rich. If  your Thai girlfriend has a bank account, or several bank accounts, she might be using it to transfer money to a Thai boyfriend or to receive money from customers.
  • Tattoos and piercings (besides earings0 might not necessarily signify her being part of the bar industry, but are a good indication that she probably has been part of it. She might have worked in a bar serving drinks before or as a masseuse or a fishbowl girl. If she has piercings (navel, nose, tongue) the chances are much higher that she was or is a bargirl.
  • Any Thai girl is practically inseparable from her mobile phone. But it’s especially true for Bar girls, who might have multiple phones and numerous numbers. Your Thai girlfriend is definitely hiding something from you if she likes to talk on her mobile phone in private, or if she is unreachable by phone. She might make excuses to you, that she doesn’t have her phone charger, or that she is going into meditation retreat. Something is seriously wrong with that picture because Thai girls are always available by phone and even generally sleep with their phones turned on. A cell phone is a Thai girl’s link to the world and everyone she knows. She can and will answer it even when riding 50 mph on the back of a motorcycle. So, if your Thai girlfriends frequently doesn’t answer her phone when you call there’s something going on that she doesn’t want you to know about.
  • Bar ‘talk’ is another obvious way of spotting a  bar ‘girl’. While most Thai girls have a pretty poor command of English, bar girl English tends to be coarser and ruder. Thai girls who speak fairly good English might have had dealings with foreigners quite often before and this might be a sign to watch out for. But generally the grammar will be poorer and the tone more ‘suggestive’.
  • If your Thai girlfriend stops taking care of your once you are together, she might be with you only for the money. Bargirls try very hard to hook a man but once you’ve fallen for them, they will slack off and enjoy the good life. In general, Thai girls make very loving wives, they will cook and clean for you the way women traditionally did in the past. Bar girls are less likely to do this, and will instead spend a large amount of time in front of the TV, sleeping, or getting drunk.

 Is it love…?

So in summary, good Thai girls are still conservative by nature. They don’t wear a lot of makeup or skimpy clothes. She won’t have tattoos or piercings and she will not kiss or touch you (her boyfriend) in public. She will not have had children, indeed the chances are that she will still be a virgin, and it may take a while for her to even let you kiss her. She will not be obsessed by money, in fact she will probably have an income from a fairly good job and her own future career plan. She might be well educated, having perhaps studied overseas. She might even have spent some time travelling, and so will be more westernized in her thinking. Her level of English will be higher, certainly her grammar, and not the traditional ‘bad talk’ of the bar girl.


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