Get the Girlfriend of Your Dreams… in Thailand

Get The Girlfriend Of  Your Dreams In Thailand

If you are eager to find love, and you’re looking for the girlfriend of your dreams, the chances of finding a Thai girl for a long-term relationship, perhaps even  marriage in beautiful and romantic Thailand, are pretty high. Many men (including Aussies) arrive in Thailand with high expectations… and they are not disappointed.

Thai women take good care of themselves, and place value on dressing well and maintaining their looks, especially their hair! Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone has a different idea of what beauty is, but Thailand certainly has it’s fair share of  gorgeous ladies.

Looks aren’t everything of course. So it’s a double bonus that Thai women are also graceful, feminine and charming. They generally have a cheerful attitude, and gentle nature, that seems to come together in a bewitching combination. From classical dancers to rice farmers, their charm is far more than merely physical and Thai culture and the teachings of Buddhism give Thai women a confidence, grace and attitude that is almost childlike.

We know that you’ll not only get the Thai girlfriend of your dreams in Thailand, but if you do it right you could also woo her into having a worthwhile, long-standing relationship and possibly even marriage.

Here’s our top dating tips for getting the woman of your dreams in the Land of Smiles.

Giving her money

This is one of the most often asked questions of Thai women, especially from those in a Thai-farang relationship, and there is much discussion among friends and on the Internet about the issue of financial support. Are her feelings for you genuine and true, or is she just playing the game (or playing you) to get your money? What should you expect to give her in terms of financial support? Should you send money to Thailand? Are you being conned?

There’s no hard and fast rules here, you just have to trust your instincts. It’s probably more likely for women who are poor, or who work in a bar or a low-paying job, that they would need or even expect some kind of monthly allowance. Though saying that, there are still some mid-level, white-collar workers (who are not poor by Thai standards) who also expect a certain amount of financial support. If your Thai girlfriend never asks for money, take that as a good sign. And, if she has her own job, or career plan, it’s even better. A hard-working Thai girl is less likely to have the expectation of ‘being taken care of’ and she is more likely to carry her own weight within the relationship. She might even be offended at the prospect of taking handouts from you!

Therefore, it’s important not to turn money into a need or want early on into your relationship with her. throwing money around the bar, or paying for a bar-girl to have a boob job within a couple of months of knowing her are probably sending out the wrong message. Begin merely by offer value in terms of time and effort rather than with money. Invest in kind and loving words, action and positive results, rather than the fatness of your wallet or the number of zeros in your bank account. This is really the only way of attracting a girl who will leave you shirtless.

Rescuing her

A lot of men coming to Thailand equate getting a girlfriend to rescuing a woman from poverty. Somewhere in between the two of them is an ocean-wide gulf of differences – socially, culturally, financially. Perhaps she doesn’t speak English well – he certainly doesn’t speak Thai. She will never share his attitudes or intellectual life – and he will never understand hers. The only thing they have in common is that she works in a bar – and he drinks in one.

Go with the flow here, but don’t be a sucker. If at any point you feel that you are being taken advantage of, the chances are, you probably are. Run away as as fast as you can if you think that this is the case. Helping the people around her, especially her friends and family, if they appear in any way to be gold-diggers, may not be such a winning combination. It is supposed to be a win-win, not take take and see you later, sucker! Unfortunately this can sometimes be the case, especially with the ladies from the bar scene.

If an independent Thai woman is working toward being prosperous and resourceful, it is best to work with those goals rather than against them. A ‘good’ Thai woman will be independent and in employment and she will be keen to earn her own income (no matter how small). She might want to pursue her education, or spend time having language lessons. These are all encouraging signs that your girlfriend wants to improve her situation, and provide money for her family, without going down the red-light route. If she wants to pursue an education in Australia, for example, with English lessons, offer her the opportunity – it will give her a hobby, and shows that she is willing to make the effort to integrate and learn new things, to develop her talents, skills or abilities while staying there with you.

Offer a give-and-take relationship that is built on trust, loyalty and the prospect of meaningful love. That’s what you would probably do at home, right? You wouldn’t try and rescue someone!

Be respectable

Take care about your reputation, especially in Thailand, where it’s easy to let your hair down, play the field and be the ‘butterfly’.  Thai women adore and look up to men with good social standing in terms of Thai society and you generally get this by behaving politely and respectfully, dressing appropriately, and speaking gently. Thai’s rarely raise their voices, and display anger. To do so means to lose face, which is generally avoided at all costs. Try to remember this in Thailand, so as not to upset or offend your Thai girlfriend. Try to acquire not just the basics, or ‘survival knowledge’, but rather an in-depth knowledge of Thai culture, society and language.

Thai culture has been largely unaffected by change for many decades, especially in the rural areas like Issan, and there is a still a strong emphasis on status. As such Thais are sensitive to social cues such and pick up on details that we often overlook in order to categorize you within that social system. Seniority and age are important, but they will also pay attention to what clothes you are wearing. Are they labels or designer, or are you dressed in a scruffy singlet and shorts? What job do you have, and assets if any? Are you in a position to support and take care of her and her family? And if your girlfriend an educated ‘good’ girl, or a working girl from Pattaya.

Don’t be fooled by looks

How do you see beauty? How important is it to you? Having a pretty girlfriend has its upsides as well as it downs and a trophy girlfriend or wife can give you a lot of headaches, especially a Thai one. A terrible downside to an extremely pretty Thai women is that she might be very high maintenance. She might demand a lot of time, money and effort – as compared to women of simplicity.

Pretty Thai women are often cultured into marrying someone of high status, someone with the necessary resources to not only back them up or support them but also to spoil them. Are your ready, and more importantly are you in the position, to provide everything she wants, in terms of time, money, effort and energy?

Outward beauty is not everything and in general, a lot of beautiful women are marred by insecurity and lack the real “inside” beauty meant for long-term relationships. Thai women who value their beauty oftentimes lose their self-esteem as they age. There is but a transient and “insubstantial” beauty. Consider these carefully.

Take her home

If you’re open and ready to meet that girl of your dreams – your new, long-term, Thai-farang relationship should blossom and love could well be in the air for you in the ‘Land of Smiles’ (as quite a few Australian men have already found out!)

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