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The team here at Australian Visa Thai Girlfriend are experienced and fully qualified in Australian Immigration Law. We are dedicated and committed to maintaining our professional standards and we have up-to-date industry knowledge – which ensures you the best chance of success.

  • We have been obtaining visas for Thai nationals to Australia for many years, and we have build a reputable business with a professional level of service.
  • Our full visa and document preparation service is second to none.
  • We won’t submit a visa application unless we are 100% sure that it has every chance of success.
  • We use Thai speaking professional translators in all of our communication with Thai Nationals.

Contact us today to receive your FREE  initial consultation with one of our Migration Consultants – who will examine your circumstances and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

We use online, telephone and face-to-face communication, which means we are always available to answer your questions.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Because we can help you make the right choice with regards to applying for the correct visa, and we can help your visa application be successful the first time around. That means there’s less chance of a costly mistake that could jeopardize your girlfriend, wife or partners’ visa application.

  • We know the Australian visa process inside out and we have a 100% success rate.
  • We maximize your chances of visa approval by ensuring that your application is 100% thorough and complete.
  • We offer a no-hassle, low cost service and we believe our service is second to none.

We can save you money, and offer our full professional support and experience in the migration field. Which means we can help you get your loved one home – quicker, easier and cheaper!

Get a Visa

  • We can get you the visa – by building up a solid case, and presenting everything that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) wants to see. Sometimes this might involve you coming back to Thailand a second or third time, because spending more time with her in Thailand puts you in a much stronger position to apply for a visa. We can advise you on that and on how to minimize your time apart.
  • We understand that you might not want to spend the money, or have the time, to do so, but you must look at it as an investment, If you want her to eventually settle with you in Australia. Spending money, so that you can share your lives together, experience each other’s culture, and get to know each other is as much a part of the marriage process, as getting the visa.
  • We know that there are many visa choices for Australia, out there. You could attempt to get the visa yourself, or, you could use the services offered by countless migration agents and immigration lawyers, both onshore and off. While you are certainly under no obligation to make a choice now, we do hope that you choose us to do your visa for you.

For your free email, telephone, or face-to-face consultation contact us using the form below, and take the first step towards your new life. We look forward to hearing from you!