Is My Thai Girlfriend A Genuine Visitor?

Is My Thai Girlfriend A Genuine Visitor?

All visitors to Australia must be able to satisfy the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) that their intention is to visit Australia as a genuine visitor only, and furthermore that they have adequate funds or access to adequate funds to support themselves whilst they are in Australia. If these criteria are not satisfied at the time of application then it will be refused.

How does my Thai girlfriend prove that she is only intending to visit Australia as a genuine visitor only?

Your  Girlfriend’s Visa Application

If you want to support your Thai girlfriend’s, Australian tourist visa application then a letter of support is very important.

A genuine visitor is someone who wants to visit Australia for tourist purposes only, perhaps to visit family and friends. They must not work whilst in Australia and depart Australia prior to their visa expiring.

Well then how do you establish whether someone is a genuine visitor or not? If they say they are, are they?

The answer to that is unfortunately no. The DIAC decision maker deciding on an application will take all of the applicant’s circumstances into consideration in determining their intention.

Visitor Visa For Australia

Whilst the list is not exhaustive, factors such as strong family ties in their home country, on-going employment to return to, previous compliance in relation to other visas, real or personal property owned in their home country.

All of these factors provide for compelling reasons for the applicant to return to their home country prior to their tourist visa expiring. If the applicant is unemployed, living a transient lifestyle with no community ties then it unlikely that they would be granted a tourist visa as they would not be able to establish that they have an adequate incentive to return to their home country prior to their tourist visa expiring.

Australian Tourist Visa applications can be notoriously difficult for the unprepared, and a wrong application can result in a refusal. Why risk it with your girlfriend’s application! Save yourself the time and money of an unsuccessful application and let us help you get your Thai girlfriend an Australian Tourist Visas right now.


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