Find the Perfect Woman in Thailand

Find The Perfect Woman… In Thailand

Many men settle or retire in Thailand because they have found the love of their life in a very loving and caring Thai woman. Thai women offer the best in terms of long-term relationship, love and comfort to foreign men, especially Australian men. Thailand is also a beautiful location and can offer fruitful and meaningful relationship. It has a safe and natural environment, low cost of living, tropical climate, and affordable and prompt access to health care services.

Among the alternatives, there are three legitimate ways in finding the perfect woman in Thailand. These are through Dating or Correspondence Services, Introduction Services and Bar Services.

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Dating Services

Going on a date with a Thai woman through correspondence services or Thai dating websites are one of the most reliable and most trusted ways of meeting your future Thai girlfriend. Dating is natural and it stimulates some form of passion and enthusiasm between a man and a woman starting at the first meeting or date. Oftentimes, the thrill and suspense of the feeling of love is enough to add to the value or even outweigh the costs of correspondence or dating services.

This method will work for men who would want to have short-term relations with a woman without the woman asking for money. The setup would be simple date and nothing more. Correspondence services hook men up with “real” Thai women for a price. These women are not just photos on a computer screen and he lady must be informed of the man’s intentions and arrival without asking for money.

Internet Dating

Unlike correspondence or dating services, introduction services are usually free. The downside to this is that a lot of these ladies are over forty to fifty years of age or are considerably younger at around twenty to forty years of age who would want to marry a husband or retiree. Other than that, if the woman does not like you, she may turn you down right then and there. Even then, there are introduction services online which offer the prospect of meeting a Thai woman who is mature, sincere, and interested in meeting Australian men of any legal age. Do remember that some of these women often have children and that you must be ready to provide to not just the woman but also for her child. More often, these women promise a much longer and happier relationship than any single woman in Thailand.

Thai Bar Girls

Though not recommended, this is still the most popular way of finding a girlfriend in Thailand. Many men, despite the warnings, find love in Thailand’s bar scene and seek long-term relationships, and even marriage.

If you don’t mind the bills, bar tabs and bar fines and a possible empty wallet when you wake up the next morning then a bar girl could be for you.

But be warned…  a majority of bar girls are either taken or already married and will not offer you a relationship that will last longer than a night. Another downside is, they are pretty expensive to woo. In order for you to do this, you must be able to calculate her earnings per night in Baht and be ready to give her more than her one-night earnings for the rest of the month.

Some men meet the love of their life in a bar… Do you due diligence.


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