Why Date Thai Women?

Why Date Thai Women?

Do you ever wonder why so many western men prefer dating Thai ladies? Even those who have had a bad experience in the past seem to come back from more. If you’ve fall for the charms of a Thai lady you may well understand the exotic lure, and gracious feminity that Thai women exude. And for many Australian men, Thai’s just exude a little, somethin’ somethin‘ that is difficult to define.

For many, Thailand itself, holds a certain appeal. Its culture, food, and environment can all offer appealing lifestyle choices for those who would like to settle in Thailand long term. For many it’s a great place to retire to, offering an affordable level of living, and a large degree of relaxation and fun – especially when compared with the rat-rate and exorbitant cost of living back at home. Its strange and familiar at the same time. I mean, could you ever image Pattaya Walking Street in the middle of Sydney? Or Qantas employing a cabin crew made up entirely of cross-dressing drag queens? Or naming your first-born child, ‘Soda’ or ‘Breast Milk’, ‘Frog’ or ‘Pizza’, not odd enough for you…? How about naming him, ‘Boat’, ‘Formula One’, ‘F18′, or Bungee’. Here in Thailand, with it’s bizarre mix of strange and familiar, such things seem common-place, normal even… and for some, that’s a big draw-card.

Many men simply come to Thailand to have fun in the bars. They can be fawned over by beautiful women, who for the most part, are friendly, polite and graceful. Meeting women in these areas is easy, unlike at home, and men from across the globe flock to Thailand to enjoy their company. Whatever it is that you’re after in this scene, it seems that Thailand can usually account for it. All tastes, all flavours, all inclinations.

For many men, the chance of a relationship or marriage later in life, when they had perhaps given up hope of such things happening again, are a big-draw card. The Chance to meet someone who is beautiful and young, in a relaxed environment is simply not an option back home. The bars, again, offer this opportunity. Broken hearts, failed marriages and grown-up kids who don’t understand are quite often what these men leave behind. They keep coming back to Thailand and probably always will. It’s a win-win situation that both parties benefit from. The lady does her job, the man gets love. Some of these women are honest about about their ‘job’ while others may want or be looking for a relationship in some form with a foreign man.there may not be some ‘happy ever after’ in these types of scenarios, but with the complex differences in cultures, climate and economy, each partner gets a little something of what they were looking for, being a financial transaction or merely a one-night stand.

For other men, life in Thailand does not revolve around the bars. They may come on holiday, to savour the culture and the history, and they just happen to meet a Thai girl who later becomes his girlfriend. they might not have been looking for a relationship, but fate, or opportunity presented itself. These girls are generally not connected to the bar scene, and for many, these can form long-lasting relationships that can turn into marriage. These kind of mutually successful, long-term relationship between Thai girls and western men might not be the norm, but they certainly do occur quite often.

Thai Women Take Care of Their Men

These Thai women believe in taking care of their men. While it might sound somewhat  sexist, women in Thailand are raised to believe that they must care for their men and be obedient to them. Stemming from that, Thai women are very comfortable with serving their boyfriends or husbands and allowing them a certain amount of freedom. Some might think this old fashioned, and anti-feminist, but the truth remains. The average Thai woman is a modern version of the perfect Australian lady of the past Рa gentle lady, a good wife, and a perfect mother.

In addition, Thai women also take care of their appearance, and frequently take extra steps to follow a diet, or have beauty treatments that keep them looking nice, slim and beautiful. Thai women are generally far more delicate and feminine to start with, so their beauty routines generally enhance these qualities even further.

Mentioning such things to Western women will likely get you ripped to shreds and called a misogynist. But the fact remains, western ladies seem far more determined to get a career and get ahead these days, than they do to take care of their men. By contrast, the extremely gentle and obedient Thai girlfriend seems like everything a Western man has ever wanted but never before knew existed.

It might sound a little offensive to say that the advent of education and the rise of contemporary career women has made females in the west far stronger and more independent than they ought to be (to be desirable) but it is a view that many men hold. Thai women have strong feminine qualities (that are difficult to find in Western women) and are not interested in the more masculine traits of being strong, being the breadwinner, providing for the family…. This makes it easy for men to feel like they are strong and chivalrous. Like the breadwinner. In short Thai women make their men feel like men and that’s why men like to date them.

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