Thai Love

Thai Love

Thai love and relationships – how it is different from love in the Australia? Is love in Thailand really so different?

In actuality, love is pretty much the same wherever we are, and no matter which country you come from, finding a partner who is similar to you, who shares the same vision and who is similar to your in terms of education, occupation and is crutial to a happy relationship and  lifelong happiness.

Finding Love In Thailand

While it is true that we have to be aware of the various differences surrounding dating and matrimony in Thailand, I personally do not feel that love in Thailand is so different than love anywhere else in the world. Thai ladies still have the same sensitivity and depth of love as any other girl. This is a fact that will not change regardless of which part of the world you are in.

The key thing to note here is to listen to your instinct when it comes to dating Thai women. Read what others have experienced and draw some conclusions from that. Bar girls may not be your best choice if you are looking for a lasting and fulfilling relationship. But, a girl who you meet outside of the bars, who has a carreer and is educated… well, then you might be in with a chance at real love, and a happy, long-lasting relationship.

Most of the Australian – Thai relationships that I know work, were not started in a bar!

Thai Women In Love

If you feel that you have to think and act differently in order to love them, then that might very well jeopardize your relationship and the way you love each other. Of course, there will be cultural differences which might cause problems and misunderstandings occasionally but the actual blooming of love shouldn’t be significantly different than what you are used to in Europe, America or Australia.

Nationality is not an important aspect of falling in love. If you truly make the effort to understand your Thai girlfriend and build up a trusting bond with her, then you will have no trouble in cultivating a relationship that can withstand the test of time.

As such, in your quest to get yourself a Thai girlfriend, try not to fixate too much on the disparities in the customs of Thailand. What you should really be doing is to communicate with and understand the lady, her thoughts and her feelings. Both of you are searching for the same thing. Both of you are searching for love. Once you have both found each other, it will be hard to imagine how you ever survived the days without one another.

Your Thai Girlfriend

The love of a Thai woman is an astonishing thing and the depth of their love can often surprise you. Take your time to completely understand your Thai girlfriend and you might end up in a relationship so blissful you never thought possible.


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