Can My Thai Girlfriend Get An Australian Tourist Visa?

 Can My Thai Girlfriend Get An Australian Tourist Visa?

Depending upon the passport you or she holds will determine the most appropriate type of tourist visa you should apply for. Currently Thai nationals are not able to apply for an electronic travel authority, known as an ETA visa, and must make and lodge a paper application for a tourist visa.

Australian Tourist Visas

There are over one hundred and fifty different types of Australian visas, some are temporary, and others allow the visa holder to enter and remain in Australia permanently. Tourist visas are temporary visas which means that the visa holder must depart Australia prior to their visa expiring, or if their current visa permits, apply for another visa or an extension to their current one.

Subclass 676 or 679 Sponsored Family Visitor Visa

In most cases a subclass 676 tourist visa will be the most appropriate visa for your Thai girlfriend. If however your Thai girlfriend has family members in Australia who are Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or an eligible New Zealand citizen, then she may be eligible to apply for a subclass 679 sponsored family visitor visa. In most cases the subclass 676 tourist visa is the most appropriate.

Prove She’s A Genuine Tourist

Regardless of the visa that your Thai girlfriend applies for, all visitors must clearly demonstrate that their intention is to visit Australia as a genuine visitor only and that they have adequate funds or access to adequate funds for the purpose and duration of their proposed stay in Australia. If the applicant fails to satisfy the decision maker that their intention is anything but genuine then their application must be refused.

A thoroughly and well prepared tourist visa application will include not just the application form but substantial documentation that clearly evidences that the applicants intention is to visit Australia as a genuine visitor only.

So You Want To Get An Australian Visa For Your Thai Girlfriend?

You might have met your non-Australian partner a while  ago. Perhaps you have visited her in her home country several times, and you might have kept in touch by telephone, Internet or by post over the course of time. She is gorgeous and you would are keen to bring her to Oz  and show her off  to your buddies. You are 100 % sure that you have a good opportunity of making this work, and you’re eager to get her by your side.

If this scenario sounds similar to yours, and you’re searching for information on how to bring your girlfriend back to Australia then look no more!

Why do I need help with my Australian visa?

The Australian visa process is notoriously difficult and can be very complicated, depending upon your circumstances. Many people experience difficulties, or don’t hand in a thorough and complete application, and find themselves with a visa refusal. If you don’t want that to happen to you, why not see how an Australian Migration Agent can help. Immigration Lawyers give you the opportunity to apply for either a tourist visa, fiance visa or a spouse visa on your own, while giving you all the help and support you need with the application.

Don’t Chance Your Girlfriend’s Visa

Get it right the first time, and get your girl by your side, quickly, efficiently, and cheaply! Get the very best migration advice, at a fraction of the usual cost. You could literally save yourself thousands of dollars!

Migration Agents usually charge very high fees for their advice, mainly because they have expensive overheads. They prepare all the documents and evidence that each application requires. They supply the application forms and can spend hours on the phone relaying information on your behalf.


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