Can Aussie Men Find Love in Thailand?

Can Aussie Men Find Love in Thailand?

The answer is a resounding, YES. Aussie men can, and do, find love in Thailand. Often. That would be the end of this article, if it wasn’t for a far more difficult question – not ‘Can I find love in Thailand’ (because of course you can) but a more subtle, ‘What kind of love can I expect find in Thailand?

It may sound like an odd question… because we tend to think of love as being very all-or-nothing.

You either love someone or you don’t.You love them enough to marry them, or have a relationship with them. You love them enough to have kids with them. You love them so much, you vow to spend the rest of your life with them…

But most of us know that the path to love is never simple, and it is rarely a text-book romance of happily-ever-after.

Love you long time!

In Thailand, the concept of love does not follow such tight rules. It’s possible to love more than one person at a time – to have a major wife, and a minor wife on the side. Love can be split equally between your husband and your family. It can represent a myriad of different things. Obligation and financial support, or respect and honour.  It could be, till death do us part, or it could be a quick tryst in a hotel room – the kind of love that might be found in a go-go or in a bar. It rarely develops (successfully) from a ‘short-time’ fun and pleasure kind of love, to a meeting-of-the-minds, lasting relationship, and eventual marriage kind. So knowing what you want from the outset is very important.

Do you want a lifetime companion? A long-term relationship? Or simply a one-night stand? Do you want to have someone you can retire with? A soul mate? Or a loving, kind woman who you’ll have kids with? Do you want a younger, fun loving partner or merely someone who makes you feel ‘young at heart’? Asking yourself these questions and honestly evaluating your choices when looking for love in Thailand will help you stay on the right track and hopefully attract the right kind of mate.

A Rough Guide to Finding Love

A lot of relationships between begin and end in Thailand and go no further. Other begin in Thailand, and then continue into long-term, long-standing relationships and marriages back in Australia. Whatever the kind of relationship you’re after, they each boil down to a ‘generalization’

Let’s take the average Aussie man, and call him Bruce. He’s in Thailand on a 2 week holiday, and he’s an educated, middle-class chap who’s seeking a Thai girlfriend or wife. What can he expect to find?

Thai Lady Number 1 – The Bargirl

This girl is your average Thai bargirl. She works in the red-light district in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. She grew up in Issan, or some other rural area in Thailand and completed her secondary schooling. Her English is limited to ‘bar girl English’ – it will be rough and ready, and a little coarse around the edges.

She doesn’t have much social standing in Thailand, and she wouldn’t be the sort of ‘respectable’ girl that many Thai men would want. Though she may be young and stunning, she is not a trophy wife in Thai eyes.

Because of her lack of education and inability to generate income, you will have to support her financially. She may pursue this ruthlessly, leaving you penniless, while she and her family rise to the top of the Thai village hierarchy.

She has few work skills and few interests outside the bar. This means that she may not adapt well to life back in Australia. The chances of probable success for a long-term relationship range from bad to abysmal.

Thai Lady Number 2 –  The Rural Country Girl

This girl probably was not education beyond primary level. She lives and works in rural Thailand and speaks no English.

She has no social standing outside of her village and could never be a part of Thai high-society. Her Thai beliefs are strong, and she may have been told (and believe) all kinds of things about how bad ‘farang’ men are. Quite often these girls won’t know what a microwave or a dishwasher are, and she may think that a bathtub is a new-fangled contraption for laundering clothes.

Because of her lack of language skills and cultural awareness, she would probably find it very difficult to integrate into life in Australia. She would miss the support network of her family and friends in Thailand. The chances of success are much higher if you decided to live with her in Thailand. Most of these kinds of relationships achieve success when the farang man chooses to settle into Thai village life.

Thai Lady Number 3 – The Urban Hi-So

This girl is usually a university graduate. She may have been educated abroad, and she is highly fluent in English. Because of this she will adapt to life in Australia quiet well, and she might even want to live outside of Thailand where she is considered more of an equal, and able to pursue her financially independent lifestyle and professional with more ease. As long as you share a range of compatible interests, traits and values, this relationship stands a a very good chance of success.

Chemistry is going to play a very large part in this relationship. Most of the time, partners in these kinds of relationships tend to bounce ideas off each other… therefore it’s important to find someone with whom you share that spark.

Thai Lady Number 4 – The Middle-Ground

In between these three ‘extremes’ one can find all the other the girls that make up Thiland’s population. The girls in this group will have range of expectations and skills. Her language skills may range from somewhat basic/limited English to a good command of the language. She may have been to college, perhaps university, and as a result will work at a respectable job that pay low- middle wages. Depending upon that job and her background, she may or may not have much social standing within Thai society, but the chances are high that she’s a ‘good Thai girl’ who works hard at being respectable. She is generally a nice Thai lady, and she will work hard at being a good wife. The chances of a true love match, and a full loving relationship that will stand the test of time, are very high given the right chemistry and compatibility.

Can YOU Find Love In Thailand?

The answer is yes, you can. Many Aussies do, and they bring their girlfriends back to Australia with them to start a new life together. So, if you’re an Aussie man trying to bring the love of your life back home, or if you are currently looking for true love in the Land of Smiles, ask yourself what kind of love you’re looking for. If you feel that you’ve already found it and you’re sure that you would like to test your relationship with your Thai partner in Australia, you may well be ready to start applying for a visa for her.

There are many visa options, and it can be a bit daunting to try and figure out which is the best one for your situation. Use the form below if you would like more help, advice and valuable information on getting a visa for you Thai girlfriend. We’re here to help.

Thai girl’s visa for Australia


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